About Us

Style jankara caters to your fashion needs. We teach you how to create your unique style that truly complements your features and how to use your style as a tool in achieving what you want. 

At Style Jankara, it is all about YOU and bringing out the best version of you through our styling techniques. 


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Styling Project

Power moves! That is what i call your decision to change your style. I live for this and always ensure that together we find your power style.


Shopping Time

I love that i can have the opportunity to shop for my client since shopping is my passion, what better way to indulge my passion.

Clean out the Wardrobe

This is the part where most of us do not like. Well am here to do it for you while giving space to allow new items. Don’t worry, i promise not to take out the precious.

Not clear on what you want?? Confused? not sure what you want exactly? Why not give me a call or send an email, let's discuss.

Yes, my consultation services runs 24/7. Go ahead, send that email and let’s chat